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Science and art are inextricably linked: both demand creativity, passion, and a sense of wonder; both require an ability to overcome constraints. Our fascination with science and discovery, and our innate desire to create are fueled by curiosity and our ability to link apparently unrelated ideas.

CERN has been the inspiration for an evolving body of work based on contemporary physics theories. Challenged by the abstract, esoteric and formidable nature of today’s physics, I set out to find a visual medium to express these theories.  My recent work Wandering the Immeasurable represents a synthesis of my physics research.  Fascinated by the interconnectedness of the major physics discoveries through history I thought of a work to capture and encapsulate this visually.


​Originally from Manitoba, Canada, I have created large-scale sculptural installations around the world. My work is inspired by a sense of place - its history and cultural influences. Sculptural forms displayed at the Canadian Museum of Nature - Insect Wrecks - re-imagined the insect world on a massive scale using the materials we associate with Western culture: components discarded by the automotive, defense, and computer industries. Sour, Sweet, Strong and Weak created for the Sao Paulo Biennial explored the institution of slavery and incorporated machinery found in a sugar factory, which also served as my studio. I have resided in Canada, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Barbados, and Switzerland and currently live in Chelsea, Quebec.


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